I have a heartfelt passion for the individual wellness
of all people


My clinical practice exists solely for my patients and is rooted in my passion for the wellness of each individual. I believe that you need a safe place to heal and be heard and I provide comprehensive naturopathic medical care and support for a variety of conditions.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor

It’s Not About The Agent, It’s about The Approach, Dr. Holly Lucille ND from the AANP on Vimeo.

Initial Visit:

This is an extensive and comprehensive visit lasting approximately 60 minutes, which initiates the therapeutic relationship. A complete health history and any necessary physical exams are completed. If there is laboratory testing that might be helpful to rule in or out possible conditions or contributing factors to the case, those will be decided here as well. You leave this visit with a clear plan on the steps needed to take toward your health goals and desires.

Charges: $395.00 USD

Follow up Visit:

This is the sweet spot. This return visit lasting approximately 30 minutes, allows time to review any laboratory results and assess the initial part of the plan to guide the process to the next steps. My goal is to get people “not to need me” by giving them power back over their health.

Charges: $195.00 USD


For those of you not in the local area, I do practice “telehealth”. I treat these visits just like office visits with the same intent and fee schedule. I do request a short interview to make sure that this practice is in the best interest of the patient.


I do not accept nor bill any insurance for my services. You will be given a coded “insurance friendly” super-bill at the end of each visit to self submit to your provider for any reimbursement available.



*Parking available in back*

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