Dr. Holly Lucille was recommended to me from a doctoral student at Bastyr University. I was told she was the go-to Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles. I was suffering from massive amounts of hair loss and a rash on my face. It was frightening, to say the least. I had sought out a ND in northern California who was unable to help my condition after I had spent nearly $1000 out of pocket. I decided to turn to a conventional MD specialist after nearly a year of struggling with the condition and trying everything. My condition puzzled that specialist, as well and he sent me away with a glorified prescription “selsum blue” type shampoo. Finally, when I moved to L.A. I gave Dr. Lucille a call. She ran every test on me including a stool sample, and didn’t add an extra fee on the lab tests, which is common for MD’s to do. She was also the first doctor who was confident she could heal me. She nailed the source of my condition, and treated me accordingly. I noticed my hair loss ceasing almost immediately followed by my rash clearing up! Dr. Lucille is smart, confident in her treatments and I highly recommend her. I am just grateful I have her to turn to from now on.

  • Libby B.
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