After going to 5 different doctors who told me “it was all in my head”, and finally confirming that I had endometriosis with my options being invitro or a hysterectomy, I turned to alternative medicine. That’s when I found Dr. Holly Lucille. She was the only one to offer me hope that I could someday be pain-free and possibly get pregnant. It was a long road because after we tackled the endometriosis I had issues with my thyroid, adrenals, and more. My endocrinologist expected me to be on expensive bioidentical hormones for a lifetime. I was only 30 years old! By this time Dr. Lucille me get to the bottom of my endocrine problems. Tests and research were done on both our parts but through it all Dr. Lucille never questioned that I was ill even though friends and family had begun to think I was just depressed. We found out most of my issues of extreme fatigue, muscle pain, digestive problems and painful menses were relieved through a gluten free and sugar free diet. If I didn’t have her as a support system and someone who truly believed me I think I would have given up. I’m getting better everyday and doing things I found impossible a year ago. Thanks to her I now have a life!

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