Five years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with severe acid reflux and put me on Prilosec. I am a singer and a yogi, so after about four years on the Prilosec I began to be uncomfortable with the idea that I would be on a daily medication for the rest of my life. I began searching for resources to help me find another solution, and two separate friends who I love and trust referred me to Dr. Holly Lucille. Dr. Holly completely exceeded my expectations. She helped me discontinue the Prilosec through dietary changes and healthy, mindful supplements. In addition, she helped me alleviate the psoriasis that I’ve had since I was a kid and guided me through the process of discontinuing birth control, another avenue I was eager to pursue. I am so grateful for Dr. Holly’s holistic approach to health, and her warm and knowledgeable demeanor. It’s wonderful to visit a doctor who really listens to you and wants to help improve your whole being. I will continue to enthusiastically refer friends and colleagues to Dr. Holly Lucille.

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