Anna B

Several years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and since the early 90′s I have been on high blood pressure medicine. However, instead of feeling better with the medication I was given to help control these things, I continued having issues with my blood work, fatigue and blood pressure. Every time I went to the […]

Ariana J

When I first came to Dr. Lucille I was simply exhausted. I was in my early thirties I felt as if my bodies was a hundred. I needed help! After listening, asking questions and a few tests Dr. Lucille discovered the culprit was my adrenal glands! Who knew such a small thing played such a […]

Denise W. Testimonial

I really appreciated the time with you today. After so much input from “professionals” and some not-so-professionals over the last months, I finally felt like I was in really good hands. Denise W.

Libby B. Testimonial

Dr. Holly Lucille was recommended to me from a doctoral student at Bastyr University. I was told she was the go-to Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles. I was suffering from massive amounts of hair loss and a rash on my face. It was frightening, to say the least. I had sought out a ND in […]

Aldra R. Testimonial

After one session and purchasing some very inexpensive herbal remedies (online–not through her office), my issue was resolved and I began having regular cycles–something that had not occurred in more than 20 years. Yep, that’s right. One session, some herbs and my years of can’t-leave-the-house drama were all better. I cancelled the surgery and did […]