Several years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and since the early 90′s I have been on high blood pressure medicine. However, instead of feeling better with the medication I was given to help control these things, I continued having issues with my blood work, fatigue and blood pressure. Every time I went to the doctor all I was told was that there was nothing wrong and that I just needed to diet and exercise. Well, no matter how much I did that I continued to have issues. Finally I was given Dr. Lucille’s name and number and made an appointment. She immediately did a battery of simple tests and found the cause of most of my issues. The reason for my not feeling well was due to an overall imbalance in my system and through diligent visits, vitamins and supplements; I was finally getting consistantly improved bloodwork and improved health. Through Dr. Lucille’s meticulous care, I was able to get back my health and my feeling of well-being. When you are a patient of Dr. Lucille – you get very personalized care and attention. You don’t get the one-size-fits-all answers you normally do with doctors. She takes the time to look at everything about you from head to toe to figure out what you need in order to feel right. I can truly say that if it weren’t for my getting under Dr. Lucille’s care, I would be in very bad state with my health. I would recommend her to anyone very highly.

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