After one session and purchasing some very inexpensive herbal remedies (online–not through her office), my issue was resolved and I began having regular cycles–something that had not occurred in more than 20 years. Yep, that’s right. One session, some herbs and my years of can’t-leave-the-house drama were all better. I cancelled the surgery and did a happy dance. So, lemme get up on my pulpit here and preach the word–Dr. Holly saved me from surgery (can I get a witness?!) and doesn’t just pay lip service to empowering her patients but actually *empowers her patients* to take control of their health. She listens and is compassionate–something not commonly found in the rush of mainstream medical offices. She is affordable and was sensitive to my need to keep costs down due to my non-profit grunt worker salary. There was no pressure to purchase supplements (I didn’t see any for sale in her office) or an elaborate, expensive treatment plan that would keep me chained to her office for years. How’s that for practical? Health care that works and is affordable! The treatment I received from Dr. Holly was hands-down the best medical care I have ever experienced. I cannot sing this woman’s praises enough.

  • Aldra R.
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