I am the daughter of two pharmacists, and was well versed in the Western medical approach: “You don’t feel well? Here, take this pill.” Even at a very young age I was troubled by this approach to health and always wanted to know “WHY?” I would ask question after question hoping things would make more sense to me:

What will it do for me?

Will it hurt me?

Will I need it all the time?

How much does it cost?

I think I literally drove my parents crazy, leading them to hypothesize they had taken the wrong baby home from the hospital. However, my ability to question and my desire to know more did not stop there. My professional journey began more than two decades ago when I decided to become a nurse because I simply wanted to help people. The inspiration came during a class for volunteers at a local hospital. In that class I learned that when people become ill or needed to be hospitalized they give up some of their personal rights, rights such as the right to privacy, the right to choose, and the right to be informed and understand all of what was going on.

Incensed, I thought, “I have to get into this system and help.” But becoming a nurse didn’t subdue the query of a reductionist approach or my desire to help. Soon, I was disillusioned with the simple directive of carrying out doctors’ orders. I continued to yearn for more rationale behind some of the decisions being made, and craved a more active and effective role in caring for people. In my quest to find a satisfying place for myself in healthcare, I joined the American Holistic Nursing Association.

Completing a post-graduate program in holistic nursing provided me with an environment in which I was guided by instruction and a philosophy that supported and treated people, not just their diagnoses, symptoms or lab tests. This felt perfect! After seven years in nursing, becoming a Naturopathic Doctor seemed like the next natural step. As a Naturopathic Doctor I have enjoyed over 20 years of a diversified career in private practice, education, as a consultant, media figure, and TV and radio host, fulfilling my passion of partnering with and helping each and every individual I can to feel and be well!