I really appreciated the time with you today. After so much input from “professionals” and some not-so-professionals over the last months, I finally felt like I was in really good hands.

Denise W.

Dr. Holly Lucille was recommended to me from a doctoral student at Bastyr University. I was told she was the go-to Naturopathic Doctor in Los Angeles. I was suffering from massive amounts of hair loss and a rash on my face. It was frightening, to say the least. I had sought out a ND in northern California who was unable to help my condition after I had spent nearly $1000 out of pocket. I decided to turn to a conventional MD specialist after nearly a year of struggling with the condition and trying everything. My condition puzzled that specialist, as well and he sent me away with a glorified prescription “selsum blue” type shampoo. Finally, when I moved to L.A. I gave Dr. Lucille a call. She ran every test on me including a stool sample, and didn’t add an extra fee on the lab tests, which is common for MD’s to do. She was also the first doctor who was confident she could heal me. She nailed the source of my condition, and treated me accordingly. I noticed my hair loss ceasing almost immediately followed by my rash clearing up! Dr. Lucille is smart, confident in her treatments and I highly recommend her. I am just grateful I have her to turn to from now on.

Libby B.

After one session and purchasing some very inexpensive herbal remedies (online–not through her office), my issue was resolved and I began having regular cycles–something that had not occurred in more than 20 years. Yep, that’s right. One session, some herbs and my years of can’t-leave-the-house drama were all better. I cancelled the surgery and did a happy dance. So, lemme get up on my pulpit here and preach the word–Dr. Holly saved me from surgery (can I get a witness?!) and doesn’t just pay lip service to empowering her patients but actually *empowers her patients* to take control of their health. She listens and is compassionate–something not commonly found in the rush of mainstream medical offices. She is affordable and was sensitive to my need to keep costs down due to my non-profit grunt worker salary. There was no pressure to purchase supplements (I didn’t see any for sale in her office) or an elaborate, expensive treatment plan that would keep me chained to her office for years. How’s that for practical? Health care that works and is affordable! The treatment I received from Dr. Holly was hands-down the best medical care I have ever experienced. I cannot sing this woman’s praises enough.

Aldra R.

When I first came to Dr. Lucille I was simply exhausted. I was in my early thirties I felt as if my bodies was a hundred. I needed help! After listening, asking questions and a few tests Dr. Lucille discovered the culprit was my adrenal glands! Who knew such a small thing played such a big role. I can gladly say today I feel healthy and strong. I exercise, eat well, and I maintain my adrenals. Thank you Dr. Lucille! Dr. Lucille offers an approach different than any one else. She listened, she asked and together we came up with a lifestyle I could sustain. My body thanks her everyday.

Ariana J

Several years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes and since the early 90′s I have been on high blood pressure medicine. However, instead of feeling better with the medication I was given to help control these things, I continued having issues with my blood work, fatigue and blood pressure. Every time I went to the doctor all I was told was that there was nothing wrong and that I just needed to diet and exercise. Well, no matter how much I did that I continued to have issues. Finally I was given Dr. Lucille’s name and number and made an appointment. She immediately did a battery of simple tests and found the cause of most of my issues. The reason for my not feeling well was due to an overall imbalance in my system and through diligent visits, vitamins and supplements; I was finally getting consistantly improved bloodwork and improved health. Through Dr. Lucille’s meticulous care, I was able to get back my health and my feeling of well-being. When you are a patient of Dr. Lucille – you get very personalized care and attention. You don’t get the one-size-fits-all answers you normally do with doctors. She takes the time to look at everything about you from head to toe to figure out what you need in order to feel right. I can truly say that if it weren’t for my getting under Dr. Lucille’s care, I would be in very bad state with my health. I would recommend her to anyone very highly.

Anna B

Five years ago, my doctor diagnosed me with severe acid reflux and put me on Prilosec. I am a singer and a yogi, so after about four years on the Prilosec I began to be uncomfortable with the idea that I would be on a daily medication for the rest of my life. I began searching for resources to help me find another solution, and two separate friends who I love and trust referred me to Dr. Holly Lucille. Dr. Holly completely exceeded my expectations. She helped me discontinue the Prilosec through dietary changes and healthy, mindful supplements. In addition, she helped me alleviate the psoriasis that I’ve had since I was a kid and guided me through the process of discontinuing birth control, another avenue I was eager to pursue. I am so grateful for Dr. Holly’s holistic approach to health, and her warm and knowledgeable demeanor. It’s wonderful to visit a doctor who really listens to you and wants to help improve your whole being. I will continue to enthusiastically refer friends and colleagues to Dr. Holly Lucille.

Elissa W

Dr. Holly Lucille is my partner on the journey to vibrant health. She sees me as a whole person, not just a list of symptoms and body parts. She uses her extensive knowledge to discover the root cause behind my symptoms, so I can heal the real problem and not just hide or suppress the symptoms. Dr. Holly has helped me so much, and I am healthier because of her expertise and guidance. I highly recommend Dr. Holly!”

Edna T

I am a healthy 72 year old man with the body and mind of someone ten years younger. Since 2006, Dr. Holly has worked with me to build my health. I can comfortably talk to her about any subject. Her science-based knowledge is the foundation for a health program designed specifically for each client. She partners with a client to develop the program and then uses client-feedback to tweak the plan until it is right. Dr. Holly is smart, knowledgeable, a focused listener, caring, and supportive. I have referred many friends and they are all happy with their results. “Holly is the best”.

Eliot B

Dr. Holly Lucille has had such a profound impact on my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Her approach to health and wellness is all encompassing, addressing all aspects of the body/mind/spirit connection in treating the whole being and not just “symptoms”. After years of struggling with hormone imbalances and digestive issues, Dr. Lucille has balanced and restored my body’s health and given me tools to support and maintain my wellness.

Serafina M

I struggled for so long with thinking there was something wrong with me as I hit my late 50′s. I was tired, had little interest in sex and just felt overall awful. When I heard about Dr. Lucille, and learned more about my overall health and what I could do to feel better…I was amazed. It took me longer than running to the pharmacy and picking up a prescription, but this approach actually works!! My whole life has changed and I couldn’t be happier.

Don M

The hot flashes were making me miserable, not to mention the fatigue and weight gain. I really thought I had tried everything including hormone replacement therapy and natural supplements…but I had no idea what I was doing. After working with Dr. Lucille’s principles, I felt like I was informed and empowered and had control over my life again. I feel excellent, and I thank her so much for teaching me about who I am and how I can be well!

Bernadette P

Dr. Lucille has the rare ability to blend Eastern and Western medicine, along with other nurturing practices, in a very common sense way and then customize it to the individual. She is helping to lead my body and I “elegantly” into menopause.”

Janet B

Dr. Lucille’s approach looks at all facets of a problem as opposed to putting bandages over symptoms. Her work has helped me to overcome blocks that I could not see from my own perspective. I can honestly say that because of her, and due diligence on my own part, I don’t get as lost in my own thoughts and am more productive creatively than I have ever been before. Simply put, Dr. Lucille has helped motivate me to get off my butt!

Jeff M

After going to 5 different doctors who told me “it was all in my head”, and finally confirming that I had endometriosis with my options being invitro or a hysterectomy, I turned to alternative medicine. That’s when I found Dr. Holly Lucille. She was the only one to offer me hope that I could someday be pain-free and possibly get pregnant. It was a long road because after we tackled the endometriosis I had issues with my thyroid, adrenals, and more. My endocrinologist expected me to be on expensive bioidentical hormones for a lifetime. I was only 30 years old! By this time Dr. Lucille me get to the bottom of my endocrine problems. Tests and research were done on both our parts but through it all Dr. Lucille never questioned that I was ill even though friends and family had begun to think I was just depressed. We found out most of my issues of extreme fatigue, muscle pain, digestive problems and painful menses were relieved through a gluten free and sugar free diet. If I didn’t have her as a support system and someone who truly believed me I think I would have given up. I’m getting better everyday and doing things I found impossible a year ago. Thanks to her I now have a life!

Jeanine U

I was given a book by a friend that was written by Dr Holly Lucille, called “Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Women’s Guide to Safe, Natural, Hormone Health”. I was only into the first chapter and was already like, “Oh my god, that is my body to a tee…I have that symptom and that symptom!” Everything she says makes so much sense. I have started taking a product she recommends—one that helps remove the extra estrogen that your body stores in your fat cells—and it has helped me lose weight, along with a healthy diet and exercise. I’ve lost 11 pounds in the past few months and my body has REALLY toned up!

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