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I am in the business of empowerment and I am a true consumer advocate. I strive to help you “think things through” and put the dots really close together so you can own your own healthcare. I can’t do it without you, so come on in! Join the conversation!

I Have An Amazing Education

I grew up as many of us have, in a family situation that was less than ideal. My parents’ main staple beverage was alcohol, and my main staple food was sugar.

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Wired but TIRED??

I guess I am! You see, last evening I came home from the office and felt exhausted. I had still not caught up from a time zone-crossing-travel-stint and, although I adore my patients, I put my heart and soul into each consult and was feeling the pull […]

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Healing Activities to Break the Stress Cycle

STRESS: experts write about it, post about it, talk about it, Tweet about it and blog about it. Face it, we’re so flooded with great tips and ideas that it is hard to take it all in at times.

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Hello There!

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my BLOG! I do love that word, as very few words are both a noun and a verb.

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